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For Panzini's demolition company, thoroughness and excellence is a tradition that has been passed on from father to son for three generations.

It was in 1925 that the construction company was first established in France by Mr. Henri-Joseph Panzini. His son, Henri-Walter, decided to move the firm to Montreal in 1956. Changing countries meant changing the company's vocation. Since then, the Panzinis have devoted their activities to demolition.

The company then played an active part in developing Quebec society by participating in its large scale infrastructure work. It proceeded with the demolition of neighbourhoods, buildings and structures to make room for many downtown buildings, as well as for the main road network built throughout the Metropolis. Construction sites for the Decarie and Ville-Marie highways, De Maisonneuve Boulevard, as well as for Place Bonaventure, Place Ville-Marie and Place Victoria were all inaugurated on sites that were laid out by Panzini experts.

Following its success in Quebec, the company extended its activities to the Atlantic Provinces and the United States in 1970 securing several contracts, particularly with the US army. During that same period, the company integrated some related activities such as snow removal in airport and port facilities, metal, aluminium and demolition debris recycling, as well as laying out railroad tracks.

Now with Henri-Joseph Panzini's grandson, François Panzini ing. , in charge, the company is pursuing its evolution through excellence by offering an engineering concept pertaining to building conversions.

This process, which includes all the values at the basis of Panzini's reputation, provides clients with insurance of a job executed within a stringent setting, according to pre-established rules, all while factoring in the security and environmental protection regulations that are in effect.

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